Literary Journals That Respond Quickly

The following listed journals and publications respond within a month.  Information regarding each will be listed underneath the link.  If you’re anything like me sometimes it’s nice to get a quick response.  That doesn’t mean the journals that take longer aren’t doing things right, they are and they’re busy.  However, on occasion fast is just what you need.

If you have any to add to this list or if any on this list are incorrect feel free to comment.  Thank you for reading and good luck submitting!


1.  Thrush Poetry Journal
Responds within 10 days.

2.  Radar Poetry
Responds within a month.

3.  Beloit Poetry Journal
Responds quickly if rejected.  May take up to 3 months if being considered.

4.  The Bitchin’ Kitsch
Responds within the month.

5.  Silver Birch Press
Responds within the week to submissions sent in for their blog.  Runs themed submissions.

6.  Snapping Twig
Responds within two weeks.

7.  Word Riot
Usually responds within a month.

8.  Three Penny Review
Usually responds within a month.

9.  Foliate Oak Literary Magazine
Responds within a month.  Doesn’t read submissions during summer break.

10.  Sonic Boom
Responds within 3 weeks.

11.  Yellow Chair Review
Responds within a week

12.  Rattle – Poets Respond
Poets Respond submissions are responded to every Saturday.

13.  Rattle – Ekphrasis Challenge
Ekphrasis challenge submissions are responded to within a month.

14.  Ofi Press
Responds within 3 weeks.

17.  Adroit Journal
Responds within the month.

18.  Lockjaw Magazine
Guidelines say 3 months but response is usually much sooner.

19.  Hermeneutic Chaos
Responds within a week

20. A-minor Magazine
Reported to respond quickly and within the month

21.  Eunoia Review
Aims to respond within 24 hours!

22.  Red Fez
Responds within 45 days (but usually within 15)

23.  Clear Poetry
Responds within 4 weeks

4 thoughts on “Literary Journals That Respond Quickly

  1. Ben Banyard says:

    Thanks for listing Clear Poetry here! I actually aim to turn submissions around in two weeks at the most but didn’t want to set false expectations when Duotrope told me I was getting a listing!


  2. Phyllis H. Moore says:

    I can vouch for Yellow Chair Review. I think my submission was accepted within a few hours. It is so nice when that happens. Thank you. This is good information.


  3. Ann Quinn says:

    One Throne also responds quickly.

    Liked by 1 person

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