Hypervigilance by Matthew Borczon

I thought
it was
enough to
believe that
I would
go to
to help
people not
hurt them
felt right
I could
separate myself
from the
only that
doesn’t work
and death
ends up
in your
bunk and
in your
shower stall
its on
the airfield
and in
every room
you walk
and you
taste it
on your
food like
feel it
on your
skin like
you can’t
wash it
off your
hands like
use soap
use bleach
use God
use anything
you can
get them
to send
from home
because you
only thought
of the
ones you
could save
but its
the weight
of the
ones who
die that
climb on
you like
60 lbs
of Kevlar
and its
their deaths
that keeps
you scanning
every room
for trouble
keeps your
back against
a wall
and it’s
their voices
that will
tell you
when its
time to
Matthew Borczon is a writer and nurse from Erie, Pa he was stationed in the busiest combat hospital in Afghanistan from 2010-2011. He writes about his time on Camp Bastion and all he saw there. His poems have appeared in Busted Dharma, Big Hammer, Dead Snakes, Dissident voices, hanging loose and other small press publications.

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