Womb Of The World by Azia DuPont

I met God and her shoes were fabulous.
She said something about the
devil being a sexist, and the heaviness of
unrequited love. She told me
her womb could carry every universe
that ever was. That she had
hoped this small universe
would be enough, that she had never intended for us
to feel all this pain.
The wrinkles under her eyes assured me
she spoke genuinely, as concern and
heartbreak nestled between each wrinkle,
each syllable of I had wanted so much more for you.
We talked about creation, and she said, And on the 8th day God created misogyny,
then all the light left God’s eyes.
She rested her soft brown hands
alongside her soft brown face
and paused there like that for a long, long time. Her
eyes closed as tears silently slid
down her cheeks. She had not
wanted all this death, all this doubt.
She had never wanted Woman,
the womb of the world to be
under foot. She said I
sent a son to show
men what they had become,
what they would do to their own but
still their hearts would not change. She said
they would kill a million
innocents if it meant even a small
victory, if it meant they could have
all the beasts in their hands.
That they would allow all the babies to be bloodied,
orphaned and all the hearts shattered
for the slightest bit of power.
And he’s won.
She mumbles something about the devil’s playground
that those who believe in her
don’t know her at all.
Azia DuPont, a Minnesota native, currently resides in Southern California. She co-founded the small press Dirty Chai in 2012. Her writing has recently appeared or is forthcoming in Crab Fat Literary Magazine, Maudlin House, Calliope Magazine, Dead Flowers: A Rag | Bohemian Pupil Press, Squawkback and elsewhere. You can find her online at http://www.aziadupont.com or via Twitter @aziadupont

2 thoughts on “Womb Of The World by Azia DuPont

  1. john berry says:

    Though I have not read the third issue to completion, this piece in particular
    had very much captured me and had me pounding my leg saying
    “yes, yes! she gets it'”. Beautiful poem, wonderful choice as a featured


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