Who Knew That Man Could Stop Bullets? by Ryan Summers


Panties. Pantyhose. Capes. Good hair. All-American. The champions
all come from Olympus, or the good side
of the urban sprawl (across the tracks), or a space station, and fight
the darkness devouring the world (it’s too brown, chocolate brown),
the demons (Michael Brown), the Dr. Doom
and gloom and


I wanted to be a superhero, one above all, but I couldn’t fly
and couldn’t play sidekick after my side was kicked
in a beating on the curb lining the avenue
of Martin Luther King. Who knew that man
could stop bullets, like he was a


He stopped a bullet. A bullet stopped him.
Krypton is dead. Chris Kyle is dead. Why’d they have to
pluck the petals from my rose is dead and Sharon
is no

I could see the fire in his eyes
and the stake I am tied to, tied down, magnetic
attraction to Diana of Themascira made up
but that Amazon, she was cut down to make room
for a real



Ryan Summers is a poet, blogger and e-book author who has discovered a profound love for the written word. He has written poetry from various genres and through various formats, pulling inspiration from the seemingly inconsequential to the historically significant. To date, Ryan has written over two thousand poems and is currently writing pieces for his upcoming collection, “The Devil Wears a Hoodie.”

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